Turbinicarpus booleanus

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Turbinicarpus booleanus

Synonyms- Rapicactus booleanus, Rapicactus subterraneus ssp booleanus,

                 Turbinicarpus mandragora ssp booleanus.


   Body- Solitary, globular to obvate, 25-45mm high, 25-55mm wide green-bluish.

   Root- Tuberous.

   Tubercles- Pyramid conical.

   Spines- Radials- 18-20 white 3-17mm long.

               Centrals- 2 white but with darker tip, erect 12-21mm long.

   Flowers- Pale to dark magenta 25mm long, 20mm wide.

   Fruits- Dark green to purple 7mm long, 6mm wide.

Distribution- Galeana in the state of Nuevo Leon (Mexico). Altitude 1700-2000m.


This plant is more easily recognised when young. Relatively easy to cultivate and slow growing. Particularly cold hardy when dry.


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