Turbinicarpus mandragora

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Turbinicarpus mandragora

Synonyms- Echinocactus mandragora, Thelocactus mandragora, Rapicactus mandragora,

                  Gymnocactus mandragora, Neolloydia mandragora, Pediocactus mandragora.


   Body- Usually solitary, globular to elongate, 35-50mm high, 40-60mm wide grey-green.

   Root- Long turnip shaped.

   Tubercles- Pyramidal.

   Spines- Radials- 8-14 radiating straight white 8-15mm long.

               Centrals- 1-2 erect, whitish darkening with age 18-22mm long.

   Flowers- White with reddish midribs 20mm long, 25mm wide.

   Fruits- Greenish-violet.

Distribution- Parras in the state of Coahuila (Mexico). Altitude 1400-1600m.


This species is the most difficult to cultivate as it is very slow growing and can easily suffer root loss if overwatered.


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