Turbinicarpus viereckii ssp major

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Turbinicarpus viereckii ssp major

Synonyms- Turbinicarpus major, Gymnocactus viereckii v major, Neolloydia viereckii,

                 Pediocactus viereckii v major.


   Body- Solitary, globular 20-70mm high, 40-65mm wide blue-green with very woolly top.

   Root- Swollen bundled.

   Tubercles- Rhomboidal conical 5-6mm high.

   Spines- Radials- 13-16 rigid white radiating, straight, 10-20mm long.

               Centrals- 4-7 rigid straight, white with black tip 35mm long.

   Flowers- White with pink midstripe, 15-30mm long, 15-35mm wide.

   Fruits- Greenish-magenta.

Distribution- Found in the municipalities of Guadalcazar in the state of San Luis Potosi (Mexico).


Fairly easy species to cultivate. Requires strong sun and careful watering to keep plant compact and maintain strong spines.


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