Turbinicarpus alonsoi

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Turbinicarpus alonsoi

Synonyms- Pediocactus alonsoi.


   Body- Solitary, globular, 60-90mm diameter green-grey.

   Root- Taproot.

   Tubercles- Flattened triangular pyramidal to 15mm long 13mm wide.

   Spines- Radials- 2-4 flattened papery grey/brown with darker tips 15-20mm long.

               Centrals- None.

   Flowers- Magenta 25-38mm long, 20-30mm wide.

   Fruits- Redish to dark violet 10mm long, 5mm wide.

Distribution- Found in the municipality of Xichu in the state of Guanajuanto (Mexico). Altitude 1500-1800m.


This is a relatively recent discovery by Alonso Garcia Luna and first described in 1996. An attractive species and when not in flower resembling a cross between 'Obregonia denegrii' and 'Ariocarpus retusus' a must for every Turbinicarpus collection. The plant has quite large flowers for the genus and plant tends to be found growing on medium/steep sloping sites.


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