Turbinicarpus pailanus

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Turbinicarpus pailanus

Synonyms- Rapicactus pailanus, Turbinicarpus mandragora ssp pailanus.


   Body- Solitary, flattened globular tapering below, 50mm high 60mm wide olive green.

   Root- Bundled swollen.

   Tubercles- Irregular pyramidal quadrangular or rhomboid  to 5mm long, 4mm wide.

   Spines- Radials- 11-16 white rigid to 10mm long.

               Centrals- 2 one erect one horizontal  to 25mm long.

   Flowers- Funnel form yellowish with purplish midribs and lighter margins to 24mm wide.

   Fruits- Urn shaped to 12mm long.

Distribution- Sierra de Paila in the state of Coahhuila (Mexico). Altitude 1900-2240m.


This species is not easy and can become too elongated if compost is too rich. It also has a tendency to loose its roots over winter. Requires full sun and careful watering to keep plant compact.


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