Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus ssp andersonii

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Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus ssp andresonii

Synonyms- Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus var panarottoi, Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus ssp panarottoi.


   Body- Solitary, flattened globular, 25mm high 40-55mm wide dark green.

   Root- Taproot.

   Tubercles- Pyramidal.

   Spines- Radials- 5-8 in juvenile plants, disappearing in adults.

               Centrals- 1-2 yellowish curved upwards 2-3mm long.

   Flowers- Funnel shaped whitish with magenta mid-stripe 18-22mm wide.

   Fruits- Urn shaped brown 5mm long.

Distribution- Guadalcazar in the state of San Lois Potosi (Mexico). Altitude 1000-1100m.


This species is fairly easy but slow growing. Requires full sun and careful watering to keep plant compact.


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